Reiki (Ray-Ki) is the Universal Life Force Energy that is all around us. When Channeled by a Reiki Practitioner this Universal Energy flows through the practitioners hands and into the client. This is done with a light touch and is often referred to as the healing touch.

Reiki treatments are relaxing and calming. As the Reiki Practitioner places their hands onto a client, the client may feel heat (similar to a heating pad) , coldness (such as an ice-pack) or even the tingling sensation of energy. Reiki treatments are a great compliment to any on-going medical treatments as well as maintaining our bodies healthy balance.


Inside each of us are 7 Main Chakras. Starting from the Base (Bottom of our spine) and going upwards to our Crown ( Top of the Head). When these Chakras are out of line, it can be difficult for the body to work at it's best. The energy from Reiki can help re-align these centers and optimize our own healing abilities.

Although Reiki uses a Universal Life Energy, it is not a Religion, nor does it have a belief system.  Therefore, anyone who wishes to receive a Reiki healing is able to do so.

Reiki is an amazingly powerful and Delicate healing method that is safe for people of All Ages and medical backgrounds.

It can:

  • Help promote natural self-healing

  • Balance the energies in the body

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Treat symptoms and causes of illness

  • Relieve pain

  • Clear toxins

  • Enhance personal awareness

  • Increase relaxation and reduce stress

  • Release blocked and suppressed feelings

  • Enhances meditation and positive thinking

  • Assisting overall mental wellness

  • Aide in the recovery of PTSD & OSI

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DISCLAIMER: The content on this website is for informational and educational purposes. The healing modalities offered are not intended to provide a medical diagnoses or prescribe therapy/medications to treat, mitigate or prevent illness. The healing modalities described and offered are not meant to be a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, advice and care from a registered health care practitioner.