Guided Meditations

With guided meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate. All that’s required is that you listen, and allow your ego to turn off long enough for your subconscious mind to shine.

Why would you want to give your subconscious the opportunity to shine? Because it is a power house of raw creative energy that can be harnessed and directed toward healing, self-improvement, reducing stress and even helping  you achieve spiritual growth.

Your ability to focus for longer periods of time, to conjure up detailed imagery, to invite guests and to be able to listen enough to receive messages from your higher self - takes time and practice.

The more you meditate, the better your meditations will become.

Meditation Descriptions

The Cabin

Beginner - Advanced

Take a journey within, to your own cabin within the woods.

A place to meet a loved one, to explore your inner thoughts, or to relax and let the calming, relaxation of your journey to enhance you inner peace.

The Secret Garden

Beginner - advanced

Find yourself immersed in you own beautiful garden. A place to sit in thought, visit with a loved one or to explore the beauty around you. This calming and tranquil meditation is sure to let you relax and unwind.

The Island

beginner - advanced

Take some time to get away, to your own private island. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet, as all of your stress and tension melts away. This relaxing meditation will allow you escape to your own tropical paradise.

The mountain

Beginner - advanced

Venture to the top of the world, where you can see for miles in every direction. Explore this vast terrain as you venture deep within yourself, to release your stress and tension, and rediscover inner peace. 

The Crystal Caves

moderate - advanced

Taking some time to focus on yourself and to balance and align you energy centers. This meditation will take you deep within the earth, to ignite your Chakras and help you feel connected and balanced with yourself.

The Pyramid

moderate - advanced

Venture to the Crystal Pyramid, a magical place that allows you to recharge yourself and gives you a chance to find the answers deep within.


Join me in the beautiful salt room at Himalayan Energy Spa in Bowmanville,  for a Guided Meditation like no other. Sit back and relax on a zero-gravity chair, with a plush blanket and an eye mask. Recline and unwind while you enjoy the numerous health benefits of Halo Therapy, during your guided meditation.

As you drift away into your meditation, you will each receive a few minutes of individual Reiki, to help boost your relaxation experience.

As a new added bonus, everyone who joins me in Meditation, will also receive a link to stream a meditation at home, that will help you return to the meditation that you attended.

Reiki Infused Guided Meditation with Halo Therapy

as we navigate the new health and safety regulations, salt room meditation is temporarily on hold


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